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Chairman’s report [Mike Bird March 2018]


I am happy to report another successful year for our society. My thanks go to Phil Creek, our president for his support throughout the year and, of course, to all the members of my hard working committee.


When I took over as Chairman just over two years ago our numbers had declined somewhat so I considered it more important to sustain our traditional activities; the monthly meetings and demonstrations, the workshops, the Tuesday morning group and the annual exhibition, rather than risk overstretching our resources with new initiatives. We have been fortunate in welcoming several new members over this period so now there is no reason to worry about our future over the short to medium term.


Of course the long term health of our society depends upon continuing to attract new members. To do this we must raise our profile in the local community and maintain our ethos of being open and welcoming. Art is already a tremendously popular passtime but it is so much more rewarding if you can learn from and share ideas with like-mided souls in a society such as ours. So please spread the word!


It has been our pleasure this year to raise some money for the local Hospicecare movement. We need no ulterior motive to support good causes such as this, but again it is good to be seen to be integrating our activities with those of the wider community and I am sure that it is something we can build on for the future, so thanks to those who have bought raffle tickets and otherwise helped to bring this initiative about.


I am standing down as chairman at this AGM, but I am willing to continue on the committee as Treasurer now that Tim Walker has moved away, at least for the time being. My very good wishes and every confidence go to my successor.


Mike Bird



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