OVAS Online Exhibition 2020  27th June 2020

2020 online exhibition dates: Summary

but PLEASE PLEASE read ALL the details set out further down before sending anything.

Handing In Day: 20th-28th July [a STRICT deadline]

(Online) 'Social' Evening: Thursday 6th August,  7.30 - 8.30 - a Zoom mid exhibition social (Prizes judged by Nick Watton)


1st-31st August inclusive on this site

Artworks can be put up for sale

What You Need To Do:

Firstly Chris Poole makes a special plea:-

Because this has to be an online exhibition this year it falls to me to collate and put up everything single-handed. I have been as keen as anybody to do this and I am actually very much looking forward to seeing your pictures and uploading them.  I will genuinely enjoy doing that, BUT it will also be extremely time-consuming in the days preceeding 1st August. [On a bad day I can wait ages for the simplest things to load up here. You wouldn't believe it!].

There is ONE things you can all do to make that task a little easier for me.

That is to please be sure to follow ALL the requirements regarding presentation and sending information so that I am not having to, for instance, chase up incomplete information etc. Your co-operation in that will help me enormously, so Thankyou in advance for that consideration.

Penny Lamb has explained what's required in the late-June Newsletter where she wrote:

We will be holding an open online exhibition for the whole of August from 1st August to 31st August. You will be able to enter up to 6 pieces of work , framed or unframed, a good quality photo of each to be sent to Chris Poole ( email : charybdis72@hotmail.co.uk[NOTE: I've recently realised that photos taken with a mobile phone seem to be good enough for this purpose. If YOU can see enough detail, so can we. So don't worry. (CP)]


Here are the details

·       The dates for entry are from 20th July to the end of 28th July.

·       The photos  should be sent with the following information  clearly laid out as follows :
 -     The  title and Artist’s name

-          Medium (including surface IF for sale)

-          Size (in cms please, NOT in inches)

-          The price if selling (not 'poa') or NFS if not .

·       You also need to state if the work is framed /unframed and, (if it is framed and for sale), include the frame in your photo. (You might want to consider taking a photo of your picture in the frame WITHOUT the glass or perspex!!) [NOTE: IF the picture is very small compared to the frame Chris may occasionally, at his discretion, decide to show the cropped picture TOO.]

·       There will be no charge for entry to the exhibition and OVAS will not collect any commission. The sales of any work will be a contract between the artist and purchaser. Chris Poole will send the interested buyer’s email to the artist and we ask that they arrange the details themselves. Do remember that you will need to think about P&P on any prospective sales as an extra cost. [I (Chris) will make it clear on the exhibition page that P&P will be in addition to the stated cost]


Please remember that your entries, as usual, should be original work in whatever medium, completed in the last year, and not exhibited before. The exceptions to this are that work you have entered in our lockdown competitions will be allowed.

I would like to tell you that the Georgian House in Ottery, South West Arts in Sidmouth, and the Framewarehouse in Exeter, are all open to take framing orders now. [Chris adds that he has very good experiences using the online website https://www.easyframe.co.uk ]

We are delighted to say that local artist Nick Watton has agreed to be our judge for the exhibition and he will be judging the work on Wednesday 5th August. He will award first, second and third places, and 3 commended. These will not be divided into separate categories of award this year. The overall winner will receive a prize of free membership to the Society for the next year.

 On Thursday 6th August  from 7.30 - 8.30 we will be holding a Zoom mid exhibition social at which you are all invited to raise your glasses and nibbles (at home of course!), and join in while Nick announces the winners and says a few words on each one.

 Phew, I hope you can take all that information in ! If you have any questions please contact one of the Committee members who will help you out. [click on "Contact Us" tab at top of page]

Penny Lamb

Otter Vale Art Society
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