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OVAS Members: We would love to hear from you!
1) Members' Galleries.
If you have already sent us some of your art, why not send us some more recent work? Or more of your old work!  Or just MORE! We don't care! We'd just like you to share your beautiful images on this site.  Or even your ugly images!  Please include picture titles. The medium used would also be of interest.
And if you haven't got a gallery yet, all you have to do is send us some digital photos and we'll set it up for you in the 'Members' Gallery' section.
2) Artists' Profiles
 We would love to hear about, and share, a bit about you and your art. We are creative people so there are no rules about how to write this. 
It can be a factual list of dates and events and qualifications. Or it can be an anecdotal ramble. Or a surreal jeu d'esprit. Or an account of your misunderstood artistic struggles in a cruel and philistine world.  Or maybe a post-modern scissors-and-paste jumbled cut-up of an already incoherent​ narrative.  Actually, maybe not that last one... But you get the idea, I hope.
Chris Poole at

Otter Vale Art Society

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