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Jennifer Johnson, 3rd October 2014


The creation of a pen and ink drawing from a photographic image could be a tedious way to pass away two hours.

On the contrary, when the task is executed by a skilled artist intent on teaching others less experienced some of the skills acquired in a lifetime of artistic creativity the time available passes all too quickly.  Such was the experience of the amateur artists who listened and watched as Jennifer Johnson worked her magic with pen and words to breathe life into an array of black marks on white paper.

Neil Marshall said "the demo was perfect therapy for the amateur artist who seeks to create a realistic yet vigorous image, whilst contending with the temptation of representational exactitude and excessive detail.  Those members unable to attend have missed a feast"


Jennifer lives and works as a professional artist in South Devon. Having completed an art degree, she began her career in London as a graphic designer and, whilst working for BBC Publications, gained considerable experience as a book designer and illustrator. 


Below: Jennifer discusses her work with Neil and an array of her pictures.

Otter Vale Art Society

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