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Michael Ware

Mike has been sketching and painting for as long as he can remember, having now decided to develop his hobby for the enjoyment of others.

He is a self-taught artistwho likes to illustrate and capture moments of nature that ill provide others with pleasure for years to come.

In his time he has used various art mediums from pencil and charcoal to watercolour and oils. He now works mainly with acrylic paints which best suit his spcialist subject of Wildlife Animals and Pets.  This medium allows him to produce detailed and vibrant artwork.

There isno substitute for seeing animals in the wild. a number of recent works have been produced following visits to wildlife parks in Tanzania with further visits to safari parks in South Africa in 2015.

Mike has also produced artwork tht includes varied subject matter such as classic sports cars, houses, landscapes and portraits. 

Otter Vale Art Society

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