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Sketching Workshop Day at Topsham with Nick Watton
If a picture paints a thousand words then ten members of OVAS, under Nick Watton's expert yet friendly tuition, practically wrote a book between us.
It was an excellent day of sketching a range of scenes using a variety of mediums. Time limits loosened us up to work faster, always remembering, as Nick reminded us, that "It's only a sketch! If it goes wrong throw it away!" This was an oddly positive and strangely liberating approach and one that many of us hope to remember in the future.
(CP takes full responsibility for the appalling quality of some of these photos of sketches and apologises to the artists whose sketches appear here - and even more to the artists who had cleared away before he thought to start snapping! The good photos are mostly by Penny L :-) )
Nick Watton sketch
Nick Watton sketch
A couple of sketches worked on at home. More worked-up contributions welcome

Otter Vale Art Society

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