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2nd October 2015


OVAS  enjoys an evening with Norman Rossiter


Lincolnshire based artist Norman Rossiter visited the Otter Vale Art Society on the evening of Friday 2nd October to give a demonstration at The Institute of his style of painting in acrylics. Using this medium, which he recommended as being versatile, quick drying and forgiving, Norman produced a convincing painting of a tranquil riverside scene from memory and imagination in just over an hour of actual working time.  Using the rest of the time available he was able to give members and guests of the society attending the event a fascinating insight into his autobiographical details, the materials and techniques he uses and the inspiration for his work.


He is familiar with Devon, having been born and raised in Torquay and said that he would be taking the opportunity of his visit to do some sketching of the local scenery, taking back with him to his studio near Spalding in Lincolnshire the results to work up into finished paintings.


Norman has been painting full time since 1983, at first mostly taking commissions for portraits and landscapes.  His particular passion, however, is for wildlife and the countryside, which is now his artistic speciality. His ultra-detailed studies of birds, mammals and sporting scenes achieve photo-realism and the prints and originals are now highly sought after throughout the UK and elsewhere in the world.  The meeting was intrigued to learn that achieving the desired effect does not require high cost materials, a limited range of colours mixed with nothing but water and a few low cost brushes to paint onto hardboard treated with three or four coats of gesso being all that is required.


At the end of the meeting, society member Mike Bird spoke on behalf of all those present in thanking Norman for an enthralling demonstration and noting that, while painting is not thought of as a performance art like music or the theatre, Norman was able to bring all his natural talent and experience to bear in producing a truly virtuoso performance in acrylic on the night.

Otter Vale Art Society

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