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Paul Weaver, November 7th 2014


Bristol based artist Paul Weaver began his career as an illustrator, becoming a full-time professional artist in 2003. Paul is renowned for the atmospheric lighting effects in his paintings and is now a popular tutor with awards and many exhibitions to his credit. He works mainly in watercolours, but for his demonstration to the Otter Vale Art Society meeting at the Institute on 7th November he chose the medium of acrylics.


Members and guests at the meeting were enthralled as Paul first painted a still-life composition.  This subject matter is a useful training aid for those interested in landscape painting because arranging the artefacts into a pleasing composition, combined with complementary colours and lighting effects, puts the artist in control and helps with the appreciation of what makes a landscape pleasing to the eye.


During the second part of the meeting, Paul amazed the audience by creating a beautiful painting of a rural landscape in just 30 minutes, starting from scratch and not using a pencil drawing but starting with a monochrome sketch in paint.  The scene quickly came to life in Paul’s distinctive style, showing his characteristic mastery of light and atmospheric effects with a limited palette of about six colours.


In thanking Paul at the end of the evening, society chairman Neil Marshall said that being able to produce an attractive picture and credible work of art in such a short time is a rare talent.  Everyone there had witnessed an artistic tour de force.


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Otter Vale Art Society

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