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Send us any useful tips you'd like to share here. We hope this will in time develop into a collection of random bits of good art advice. It's a bit bare so far, so help us out!!!
A Word About Copyright Images
There are websites, such as Pixabay, which contain an inexhaustible supply of copyright-free images which we can use to our hearts' content.
OVAS members are reminded that other internet images may carry a risk of copyright infringement if used publicly without permission. If I have set up a Member's Gallery page for you, please check I have not put up work with copyright issues. Likewise, please check the Exhibition pages if you think this may be an issue (or if there is an image of yours there that you would like removed).
While I'm at it, please, please, let me know if you have pictures you would like added or removed from your Member's page, if you have one. And if you haven't, just e-mail me your work and I'll be delighted to put it up on a gallery here for you.
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Chris Poole
Anchor 1
Stop your tubes of acrylic paint from seizing solid and becoming unusable. How?
Put Vaseline around the screw-on lid
Old masking fluid [over 6 months old] tends to tear the paper when removed. Maybe time to buy some fresh??
To draw a freehand straight line, rotate your picture appropriately, hold your arm outstretched [with pen/ pencil/ whatever] and confidently swipe vertically downwards. [Practice first is my advice!!!]
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