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OVAS OnLine Exhibition 2021

Click on a picture to enter the gallery at that point. For the best experience we recommend using a laptop in Full-screen mode.

This 'Mini-exhibition' includes pictures for the AGM competition and for the February Critique.  It is mainly to show each other what we have been up to during the Lockdowns but if interested in buying an artwork, please contact me, Chris Poole, at    I will forward your email to the artist who may then contact you. (No promises!)

'AGM' Griffin Award competition 2021
 Entries for this are now part of the mini-exhibition above
  • 1st)  #8 Valerie Faulkner with 'Welcoming Committee' [22 points]
  • Runners-up
  • 2nd) #3 Fiona Gale 'Magical Sunlight On The Sea' [15 points]
  • 3rd) #9 Di Clatworthy 'Meadow Tree' [13 points]
08 Valerie Faulkner.jpg
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Otter Vale Art Society

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