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OVAS Exhibition 2022  

2022 exhibition dates:

Handing In Day: 9:30-Noon Wed 3rd August 2022

Preview Evening (Members Only): 7-9PM Thurs 4th August

(Prizes judged by Jo Vollers)


10AM-5PM every day [incl. Sunday] Fri 5th-Sat 13th August

Collection Day: Sat 13th August 4-6pm  [NOT Sunday AM]

_ final 2022 poster 02.jpg

What You Need To Do:

Penny Lamb writes:

​Our summer exhibition is not far away, so now is the time to decide what artwork you want to display.

Please remember that if you use a framer for your pictures they will need plenty of notice, as this is a busy time of year for them! It is a good thing to consider going with the best frames you can afford as this can make or break your pictures. It also helps the exhibition to look professional and of a high general standard, and makes the job of the hanging committee much easier.

As most of you realise, the setting up of the exhibition is a huge job, so if any of you feel able to volunteer your services for that day the committee would be very grateful. We start at just after 8 in the morning but bacon rolls and fruit juice and coffee are provided for helpers! (Please let Penny know in advance if you can help).

One of the stipulations in hanging your work in the exhibition is that you need to agree to steward during the sessions when we are open to the public, so please bring your diaries to the  1st July 2022 meeting when the rota will be available for you to put yourself down for a couple of sessions. Simon Gray will be in charge of the rota.

You can find all the relevant information regarding entering art work on your forms [see below] , but please remember if you are entering cards, to fill in the separate form for this and send the form to Chris Poole.

The Exhibition Entry Form

The Exhibition Rules

The Exhibition Entry Form

You may find THIS the easiest way to submit your entries online. Download the file, fill it with your details, and email the completed entry to Fiona.

Or print it out, fill it in, take a photo or scan it, and email it to Fiona.

In order to type on this file you will need to double-click in each box where you want to type.

OR, if you can edit a pdf file, you can use this.

Please add your name to the file's title before sending!

OR, if a problem, print and hand in, or post, your copy filled in by hand.

2022 Exhibn rules.jpg
2022 Exhibn Entry Form.jpg

Extra explanation:- You can enter for example 3 drawings, 2 pastels and an acrylic but each one must be in one of these 7 categories.

The CARDS Entry Form

NB 1) Only needed if you have printed cards to sell

2) To send to Chris Poole, not to Fiona Gale

We have not put a limit on the number of cards you can

put in of each design. It would be helpful if you have, or

can borrow, your own card display stands. 

OVAS 2022 Exhibn 'cards' form_1.jpg

or in pdf format if you prefer

Otter Vale Art Society

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