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Memo: Creating New Galley Member pages
To get a correct WWW address for a page it seems we need to create a new gallery for each artist? Copying an existing member page and then changing the content seems to give an unchangeably 'wrong' web address even though I change the page name. [It comes up with 'copy of ####' on the URL]
To get this correct,
Method 1) (easiest)
1) Create new page and name it by member name
2) Copy and paste someone else's gallery and then alter content as appropriate
Method 2)
Go '+' 'Gallery' and 6th row down, Left "Grid (polaroid)"
THEN click on 'Design' tab [it looks like a pen symbol in menu starting with 'change images'.
Click on 'Customise Design'.
1) Fill color & opacity: 100% and light green [bottom left of 'my colours' BDBF37]
2) clicking middle one of 'preset designs' seems to enable 'hover' setting: Rollover 30%, orange of my colours, 2nd row up, right column [#F17424]
3)If pictures are titled, set 'text: text box padding to low [eg 0 or 9ish], and text box hight to 50 [or 0 if no title?]
4) but then stretch height of gallery so pictures look OK in display
Add a yellow box as background [as on this page]
Text is Tahoma 21 top-right of 'my colours [it's #2F2E2E]
And click on Alignment menu [it's beneath B for BOLD] and click last option [justify L&R]
To ADD an image to the Gallery is not obvious:
  • Do NOT click '+' and 'add image'!!! - they appear in wrong format!
  • The name of the file is what will automatically appear! [But you can change it after]
  • click on the 'Gallery' area [ie the array of images below - (these ones were from the 'Free Wix images' --> 'Art' submenu) ]
  • click 'Change images --> Add images --> click on your chosen image [have you uploaded it first?!] --> Add to Gallery --> Done
  • IMPORTANT: To link from the Start Gallery Page to an individual Artist Gallery Page, 1) click on grid 2) Click on 'Change Images' 3) click on the image for the particular artist 4) ***** Scroll down to  [otherwise HIDDEN from sight!!] Link/Create a link 5) Link to the Artist's page
Memo on TABLES
To make new table, click on '+', then LIST; TABLE MASTER is right at bottom of this list
Inserting a new row.
You can't!!!  So when you want to create a future-proofed annual 2018 [etc] Programme table where you may need to insert a new event [e.g. workshop] you need to have empty rows already in place.
Leaving a blank row does work!! It appears as a narrow empty row -perfect. Don't use place-holding full stops though. Row will appear at full height!
ALSO, create the table on the page where it appears. Do NOT cut&paste it as all the data will disappear

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