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July 2020: Lockdown Zoom demo with Chris Forsey
For our July demo Chris chose to work loosely from a composite of two photos of the River Otter near Ottery and looking south to Budleigh. The emphasis was on conjuring an atmospheric early morning feel with mood, drama and light rather than a slavish rendition.
Starting with a sheet of acrylic mountboard coated with white gesso plus a layer of very pale yellow ochre, Chris used a deliberately muted palette. Cobalt blue and dioxazine purple [also quite bluish], yellow ochre, lemon yellow, white and Payne's grey.
The complementry ochre andpurple were good for achieving intermediate brown shades. Later on, there were also touches of purple lake and quinacridone magenta suggestive of flowers.
Chris worked in acrylic paint, [mostly thinly using matt medium to retain the colour density] with touches of oil pastel and acrylic ink, though because of the vertical position of the board, this was too liable to run.
He used a 1" and 1.5" flat brush and palette knives [good for thin straight edges and also scraping through paint marks.
Later on some touches of thicker paint, including white/lemon yellow, were added to give touches of highlight.
Chris later worked on the 'finished' painting in the slideshow above turning it into the cracking painting shown below

Otter Vale Art Society

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