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3rd May 2024: Woodcarving with Simon Gray.

portrait roundel.jpg

How does he know there's a duck in there?

A mother and small daughter were looking at one of Simon's blocks of wood and some of his his carvings of waterfowl.   This was the question that Simon overheard the little girl ask her mum.


A very good question, which Simon did his best to answer in his entertaining talk as he walked us through the process of turning a fine-grained block of wood into a highly realistic mallard or other waterfowl.

The first stage was drawing cut-outs [above] and attaching them to the block. Then hewing out chunks within these limits to get a first approximation.

Simon was able to explain the umpteen intricate stages of carving, each highly skilled and needing extraordinary levels of patience, imagination, and 3-D visualisation. Wood became overlapping feathers, which became shades of brown through the use of pyrography and, to a small extent, application of acrylic gouache for the final touches.


6th April 2024: Portrait Painting with Amelia Webster 


Amelia Webster is a Devon-based portrait artist. While still young she was inspired by the art of the Renaissance, both the technical side and the stories they portray. She aims to combine this with the more modern expression of emotion and passion in painting.She has been involved in many exhibitions, both locally and nationwide including in the Sky arts portrait artist of the year 2019.

Painting in oils, using an effectively economical palette of red, yellow, raw umber, white and black, Amelia got a long way towards producing a finished portrait of our sitter, OVAS member Tracey.

final Tracey 2.jpg

Otter Vale Art Society

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