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Rock Music
_ Arroyo
Acrylic 60x50cm
Scilly Millie
inKtense pencils
inKtense pencils
Mixed media
Shaft (Trebarwith Rocks)
Very mixed media
Tiderush [Mousehole Beach]
[Very] Mixed Media
Others Were Lost (The Dream)
White/Black Gesso
Candle In The Window
inktense and fine felt-tips
End Of The Road
Inktense pencils [mainly]
Inktense Pencils
Patio flowerbowl
Inktense pencils
Pastel pencils and acrylic
Nine Fishes
Acrylic, wool, satsuma bag
Trebarwith Strand
inKtense pencils
Half open door
inKtense pencils
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Chris Poole  ... went to an art-free Primary school. At Grammar School the Art teacher provided HB pencils, coarse bristle brushes and muddied broken sludge-brown tempera blocks. Subject-matter was 1) acne-raddled male contemporaries or 2) tea-cups, chianti bottles and geraniums. Chris learnt nothing and was wisely not allowed to take 'O' level Art. [He would NOT have passed!]. 

After this, though, Chris was allowed to sit in the school Art Library.  And OH WOW!! Here 'Art' lurked in hidden books on unseen shelves behind a hitherto locked door. Art unexpectedly embraced him and  he fell instantly in love with it. Impressionism the Renaissance, Naive painting, Dada, Symbolism, the whole works. He rapidly devoured book after book,  but he particularly loved, and loves to this day, that long wild 'shock of the new' period of rule-breaking from 1870 to 1950. 
Technically incompetent, untutored, lacking any artistic flair, Chris still felt driven over the next decade to sketch and paint, often in Surrealist or Expressionist Mode.

After work as a research scientist he taught maths and science but promised himself that on retirement he would pick up his palette again.
Chris's work now is less weird than in his earlier surreal/expressionist phase.  He finds OVAS invaluable both socially and in terms of picking up ideas and techniques. His interest constantly veers between not quite realism and not quite abstraction.

Favourite painter:  Chagall.

Runners-up:  Matisse, Klee, Picasso, Ernst, Magritte, Van Gogh, Monet, Pissaro, Gauguin, Sisley, Munch,  Bosch, Vermeer Botticelli, Magritte, Dalí ...

Favourite living artists: Andy Goldsworthy [genius], Hockney.

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