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February 2018 Critique by Nick Watton


After our short Winter break we were back again on Friday 2 February for an evening of critique of members' work by the local renowned artist Nick Watton.

Nick is an old friend of the society having previously given a demonstration of his work as well as leading an en plein-air sketching workshop last year.

In total, members contributed 20 works of their own art, which showed a varied and eclectic mix of creativity using a wide range of mediums and subject matter. Nick was impressed by the range of talent on display, which considering that members are non-professional artists was impressive.

Nick approached the somewhat tricky task with constructive observational comments, which were helpful to each individual artist; members of the group were also invited to offer their opinions.

Art is personal and subjective.  However, as often is the case, what others observe in our work can be very helpful in adding a dimension that perhaps we hadn’t considered and which can result in a much more satisfying piece of work.

Each artist was invited to explain the rational and inspiration behind their work as well as sharing the techniques that they’d employed.

For further information about Nick’s work you may like to look at his website: Nickwatton .com

Ali W.

Otter Vale Art Society

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