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Di Clatworthy
Painting has been my passion for well over forty years.   I have had no formal art tuition but have been encouraged and helped over the years by doing informal courses and workshops, which continue to this day.   
I particularly love Impressionism, and paint in this genre a lot of the time when producing landscapes and seascapes.  Still life needs to be a bit more realistic I think, though I do incorporate some Impressionism particularly when defining texture.  Having grown up In Australia I have a great love of “the  bush” and I never tire of painting landscapes with eucalyptus trees.  
Now that I’m retired I am lucky enough to be able to indulge the urge to paint as often and for as long as I wish, though output does vary.  Sometimes it can be just one picture a week, sometimes many more.   I’m happy to work on my own but do enjoy meeting and working alongside like-minded people as such a lot can be gained from seeing others at work and from swapping ideas, techniques, and encouragement. 

Otter Vale Art Society

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