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Portraying Life Forms with Hannah Twine, May 1st 2015



One often hears people say “I wish I could draw”.  In the view of well-known artist, Hannah Twine, who now lives and works in East Devon, anyone who can master the art of handwriting can also draw, given the desire to do so and a degree of perseverance.  At the meeting of the Otter Vale Art Society in The Institute on the evening of Friday May 1st, Hannah demonstrated how she has honed her own skill over the years by producing a beautiful drawing of a terrier dog under the gaze of society members and guests.


Hannah studied art in Exeter and continues to train at the Sarum Studio with Nicholas Beer, who is also senior art instructor at the Charles Cecil Studios in Florence.  She runs local art classes in Sidmouth and Honiton and specialises in portraiture, often working in graphite to produce astonishingly lifelike pictures in monotone, her favoured subjects being horses and dogs.


Before the end of the demonstration, those attending were able to try their hand at portraiture themselves.  Using the simplest of materials such as graphite pencils, erasers and paper, many were able to employ the hints and tips given by Hannah to produce satisfying works of their own in a short time.

Otter Vale Art Society

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