Online Exhibition June 2020 

Many thanks to everybody who voted. Out of 31 pictures there were four that were clear of the field, but one very clear winner. Congratulations, Sue!
First Place.     #24    Sue Williams          Abstract Landscape      22 points
A very powerful piece reminiscent of early German Expressionism such as the vivid landscapes of Emil Nolde. A real favourite with OVAS members who voted.
Second Place. #4     Carolyn Barker       Vantage Point               16 points
A charmingly pensive composition and a very popular public choice.
Third Place.    #7      Mike Stevens         Yellow Field #2             12 points
A looser and more expressive direction from Mike? A wonderfully rich palette, as always, but an exciting feeling of movement in the grasses and trees.
Fourth Place.  #19    Linda Hampson     Secretary Bird               11 points
A hyper-realist portrait of a very extraordinary bird. Amazing!
So here, in bigger format, are all four:

The June Exhibition!!  Click on any picture to enter the slide show.

01 Simon Gray Maple Monarch
NFS (similar can be commissioned for £75) Wood carving 7"x7"
02 Di Clatworthy Bengal Tiger
NFS Acrylic on Canvas 10"x12"
03 Di Clatworthy Mother Love
£75 Acrylic on canvas 10"x12"
04 Carolyn Barker Vantage Point
For Sale Oil on Board 16"x12"
05 Carolyn Barker Rolling In
For Sale Oil On Board 14"x18"
06 Mike Stevens Bruce Lee
For Sale
07 Yellow field no 2 Mike Stevens
For sale
08 Fiona Gale Evening Light Topsham
For sale Acrylic on canvas board 16"x16"
09 Penny Lamb Steps In The Forest Garden
Oil on canvas board
10 Karen Mutch Looking In
NFS Watercolour
11 Karen Mutch Outward Bound
NFS Watercolour
12 Chris Poole Beneath My Feet (Iona)
£60 Acrylic on canvas board 10"x8"
13 Chris Poole To The Pond
£60 Pastels on ingres paper 13"x18"
14 Nickie Bitschi Waiting Patiently
NFS Pastels
15 Jacqueline Ward Memories Of Pont-Aven
p.o.a. 45x35cm
16 Jacqueline Ward Fearsome fred
17 Penny Lamb Garden Pots
For sale 30x24cm Oil on canvas board
18 Linda Hampson Black-tipped Reef Shark
£45 double-mount, no frame Pastels 30x40cm
19 Linda Hampson Secretary Bird
£45 Pastels on Brusho Ground 28x32cm
20 Fiona Gale Sisterly Love
nfs Oil On Canvas board
Sue Williams Dawn of Summer Solstice
For sale 50x60cm Oil On Canvas
22 Mike Bird Vulcan over Exeter Airport.
£250 60x90cm Oil on canvas
23 Anon Suzy
nfs Digitally edited drawing
24 Sue Williams Abstract Landscape
poa 23"x18" Acrylic on canvas
25 Ruth MacGregor Broken Head ...
... Looking In The Shadows - nfs Pottery
26 Chloe Brice Sea Turtle
nfs Mixed Media
27Terence Knight Moils Coffee Shop
nfs Mixed Media
28 Simon Gray Dear Deer
nfs Willow
29 Tony Broughton Bluebell woods
£30 Acrylic on canvas board 12"x9"
30 AnnBrown Winter Sunlight
nfs Mixed Media
31 Maureen Stone Peonies With Yellow Rose
25x31cm Acrylic on board
32 Stan Browning Abstract #1
Framed Acrylic on Tile
33 Stan Browning Abstract #2
Acrylic on canvas
34 Carolyn Feast White Lace
nfs Acrylic
35 Carolyn Feast Esme Jane
nfs Watercolour
36 Judith Sulley Fly Agaric
Mixed Media
37 Cynthea Gregory Dreams Of Laborie
nfs Watercolour
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