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Online Exhibition June 2020 

Many thanks to everybody who voted. Out of 31 pictures there were four that were clear of the field, but one very clear winner. Congratulations, Sue!
First Place.     #24    Sue Williams          Abstract Landscape      22 points
A very powerful piece reminiscent of early German Expressionism such as the vivid landscapes of Emil Nolde. A real favourite with OVAS members who voted.
Second Place. #4     Carolyn Barker       Vantage Point               16 points
A charmingly pensive composition and a very popular public choice.
Third Place.    #7      Mike Stevens         Yellow Field #2             12 points
A looser and more expressive direction from Mike? A wonderfully rich palette, as always, but an exciting feeling of movement in the grasses and trees.
Fourth Place.  #19    Linda Hampson     Secretary Bird               11 points
A hyper-realist portrait of a very extraordinary bird. Amazing!
So here, in bigger format, are all four:
24 Sue Williams Abstract Landscape.jpg
04 Vantage Point Carolyn Barker sale.jpg
07 Yellow field no 2 Mike Stevens sale.j
19 Linda Hampson Secretary Bird.jpg

The June Exhibition!!  Click on any picture to enter the slide show.

Otter Vale Art Society

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