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September 2019: A Snowy Lane by Lynda White
(Inktense pencils and blocks)

Penny Lamb writes:
Lynda’s background in art teaching was in schools originally but is now with adults , mostly in Dorset, Devon, and Somerset.

She likes to work in mixed media as there are so many new exciting materials, leading to the process of loosening up, often resulting in abstraction. Sketching outdoors is the first step for Linda.

The demo was using Inktense blocks and pencils for a snow scene, using a sketch from a lane near Linda’s home in Axminster.


She used a dark blue colour mountboard, coated with W+N clear gesso. A rough sketch using Inktense pencils established the composition, then a washy base of white acrylic ink was laid all over, using a big flat brush. The composition was firmed up using a dry brush technique.

Then the blocking in was done using the Inktense block broadly on its side. The trees were placed in using indigo and red oxide and pencils were used for the nearer tree trunks.

Linda pointed out that you can remove any excess colour with a wet brush and tissue. She advised in building up the picture not to concentrate on any one part, but working all over. You can smudge with a wet brush and can shade with pencils.


Towards the end of the demo Lynda showed how to use the blocks by wetting them on a plate with clean water and using a large watercolour brush to paint onto the picture. This was particularly useful for the shadows on the snow.

This demonstration showed the versatility of the materials and was well received by the members, many of whom have never used Inktense themselves.


Otter Vale Art Society

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