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Tony Broughton

Tony retired from a South Wales Laser Manufacturing company in 2002 after a 40 year career as a Precision Micro Manipulator Designer, but he had started to paint in Water Colours when he and his wife Dulcie opened a Wildlife Art Gallery in Kintbury, Berkshire. (The Broughton gallery). This was the logo:


He has progressed to mostly Acrylic painting these days, slowly, sometimes not painting for months but seems to be getting there.



He still prefers wildlife subjects but is gradually converting to other subjects; his main aim of late is to loosen up his work.

He was particularly pleased with Colby, which has gone to the USA and is interested in doing more portrait commissions.


All the paintings attached are Acrylic on board or canvas except the broughton gallery logo, the Pheasant Family and the Old Brave; they are Ink on White Card.

The butterflies and cockerels are 10x10cm miniatures.

Broughton Gallery Logo.jpg
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