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OVAS Exhibition 2021  10/06/21

For Preview Evening photos, click HERE

For Prizewinners and some commendeds, click HERE

List of all Prizewinners HERE


10AM-5PM every day [incl. Sunday] Fri 6th-Sat 14th August

Some of the superb artwork that was on show, including 'the public choice', Terry-Thomas by Rob McIntyre. Click on the picture to enter the slide show.  5/8/21

Entry forms
Entry Form

Setting up ...

... and below, the awards to prizewinners, the prize-winning artworks, plus some of the commendeds.

Setting up ...

Phil Creek OVAS President

Vicky Johns Mayor of Ottery

Matthew Davison
Art Judge

Penny Lamb OVAS Chair

Phil Creek & Matthew Davison
With Vicky Johns, Ottery Mayor
Valerie Faulkner receiving the Alwyn Crawshaw Award For Acrylics, for 'Bit Fishy'
Linda Hampson receiving the Otter Award For Drawing, for 'Busybees'
Linda Hampson drawing prize
Nickie Bitschi receiving the Society's Award for Pastels, for 'Still Life' [Hydrangea heads]
Nickie Bitschi pastel prize
Penny Lamb receiving the Alice Comont Cup For 3D, for 'The Bothy'
Penny Lamb
Penny Lamb Mixed Media prize
Ann Brown receiving the Janet Langmaid Award For Mixed Media, for 'Sidbury Allotments'
Ann Brown
Celia Risso's 'River Otter', winner of the David Young Award for Oils
Celia Risso th.JPG
wc Iristh.JPG
wc Pat Fosterth th crop.jpg
Pat Foster, Winner of the Leonard Pargiter Award for Watercolours, with 'Iris'.
... and some Commendeds ...
Cynthea Gregory's Zebra Colt
watercolour prize
Jacqueline Ward's Geraniums
Chris Poole's Henri's Little Plum
Chris Poole Pastels commended
Maureen Stone's Bluebell Wood
Maureen Stone
Maureen Stone's Topsham
Topsham Maureen Stone.JPG
... and the President [Phil Creek] 's picture ...
... and the Judge [Matthew Davison] 's picture.

Otter Vale Art Society

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