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Exhibiting In Ottery

The main opportunity for OVAS members to exhibit and perhaps sell their work is the annual Summer exhibition.
However, thanks to the kindness of several enlightened Ottery outlets, there are now a number of other opportunities:-
1) Gilbert Stephens, (Solicitors in the square)
2) Hind St. Gallery, Hind St. (gallery and framers)
3) Ottery Library, Silver St.
4) Tickety-Boo, Mill St. (café)

More Information and who to contact to get on the rota:
1) Gilbert Stephens has space for one small picture per month, in the window by the bus stop.  Contact John Atkinson
2) Hind St gallery can take two pictures per month. Contact Nickie Bitschi
3) Ottery Library.  We were generously offered space for an exhibition on the theme of Local Landscapes from 8th-19th November 2018. Exhibitors offered modestly-sized pictures, with the library collecting 20% on any sales. We hope this exciting opportunity may be repeated.
4) Tickety-Boo has generous space for a number of pictures. Contact Mike Stevens
Nov 2018 Library

Otter Vale Art Society

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